Property Inventory Services

Unfurnished Property Prices (All Inclusive)

Studio £60 £85 £55
1 bed £75 £90 £65
2 bed £90 £105 £80
3 bed £100 £115 £90
4 bed £115 £130 £105
5 bed £125 £140 £115


Furnished Properties Prices (all Inclusive)

Studio £70 £90 £65
1 bed £85 £100 £75
2 bed £100 £120 £85
3 bed £115 £135 £95
4 bed £130 £150 £120
5 bed £140 £165 £130

Property Inventory Report

Our Inventory report is a straightforward and to the point list explaining the contents, fixtures, fittings and cleanliness of a property that is to be rented out. The report also contains a detailed outline of condition of a given property – noting the existing state of all items and any deterioration, together backed with professional digital images.


Check In Report

Our Check In report service entails making an appointment with the tenant and meeting at the property at the start of their tenancy terms. We will take a note of the quantity of copies for the keys provided to the tenants, the existing meter readings in the residence, and go through with the tenants the formerly prepared inventory report.


The Tenants will have the opportunity to take note of any kind of dissimilarities among the present condition of the property and the inventory report prior to being requested to sign a copy of the inventory, along with the landlord or agent, giving all the parties “peace of mind” they have an legal contract on the contents and condition of the property.



Check Out Report

Our Check out report service will take place at the ending of the tenancy term. We will proceed through the earlier prepared inventory and any check in information and evaluate the present state of all items with the condition at check in. We will note any damaged, lost or replaced items as well as examining the the property in terms of cleanliness. Digital images will be taken of any deterioration. This will give allow the landlord to permit for any expenses that may be required following the tenancy.


Mid-Tenancy Inspection

A Mid-term report is of excellent value to the landlord or the agent. We will stop by your rented property every 6 months or more if necessary and conduct a overview of the property. We will perform a precise assessment of the property taking into consideration its condition and jotting any repair or maintenance issues that the tenant may have. This enables you to keep track of your property or home and guarantee that no nasty surprises arise. This report is very crucial and important if you have high valued contents in your residential property or if a landlords lives abroad.